eScrip Recycling Cartridge Fundraiser

Dear Standley Middle School Parent, Teachers and Staff,

We have some exciting news – we are now part of the nationwide eScrip Recycling Program! What does this mean? We don’t have to sell anything, the program is FREE, and we get paid to recycle empty inkjet and laser printer cartridges.   We make more money if the items are on the price list, but even if they’re not they will be recycled responsibly. The eScrip Recycling center is ISO 14001 certified.  See Qualifying Lists below for inkjet and laser cartridges:

eScrip Laser Ink Qualifying List

eScrip Inkject Qualifying List

There is a drop box in our school office where you can donate your empty printer cartridges. If it’s more convenient, send the items with your son/daughter, I’m sure they’ll know where the displays and boxes are located. Once our boxes are full we’ll send them in, get paid, and start filling our boxes and displays again!
Together we can turn this waste into CASH for our school with eScrip Recycling. It’s an easy way to raise funds, and it helps teach our students a valuable lesson about the variety of materials that can be recycled and reused.
This program will only succeed with your support and that of our local community. Thank you for your help in recycling!

Standley Middle School PTSA
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