Board Positions Open for 2021-22 School Year

All officers are members of the executive board and, as such, also have duties as board members. These duties include attending meetings; serving on committees such as bylaws, programs, budget and nominating committee; staying informed; sharing in promoting activities of the board; transacting business; creating reports; filling board and committee chair vacancies; maintaining procedure books and assisting new officers with transitioning to their positions. 

Please contact Luciana Case for more details: luciana_case@hotmail.com


Presides over all meetings of the association and executive board (4 association/9 executive board); member of all committees except nominating committee; coordinate the work of officers and committees.  Appoint committee chairpersons. Work closely with Standley administration and staff.

1st Vice President – Membership

Responsible for PTSA membership drives and distribution of membership cards and incentives. Create and maintain membership list. Sign checks and ensure remittance of association dues monthly.

2nd Vice President – Programs

Coordinating all PTSA sponsored programs.  Communicate with and oversee committee chairpersons.  Programs include, but are not limited to: Reflections, Book Fairs, Career Fair, Track Meet Support, Campus Beautification, and Honorary Service Awards.  

3rd Vice President – Ways & Means

 Organizes all PTSA fundraisers. Plans fundraisers to raise money to support PTSA programs. Oversees committee chairpersons including Online Fundraising committee. 

4th Vice President – Communications

The VP of Communications is responsible for the PTSA’s communications with our parents, staff, students and community. The VP is responsible for and oversees the design, production and distribution of the PTA newsletter and/or e-news updates; for the design, content and maintenance of the PTA website; for utilization of social media; for updates and maintenance of the PTA bulletin board; and for preparation of any general purpose PTA flyers. Communicates with and oversee committee chairpersons (Facebook/Instagram, E-Newsletter & Website)


Maintain accurate records of association’s funds. Keep the financial books, chair the budget committee, prepare budget, keep board apprised of budget and finances, receive monies, write checks, make deposits, prepare financial reports for board and association, prepare and file tax returns and required documents, remit funds to Council, pay insurance, coordinate with secretary, new check signers and bank to transfer check signing. 


Audit the minutes and financial records of the association semiannually as prescribed in the bylaws.  Present audits to board and association for approval. 


Obtain volunteer hours from PTSA volunteers and record them monthly in reports.  Assemble year-end report of volunteer hours to submit to Council on May 1.  Prepare and maintain meeting sign-in sheets with record of attendees and their hours.  With secretary, maintain association records as mandated. 




Standley Needs You!

Ready to get started?   Becoming a volunteer is as easy as 1… 2… 3…!

1. print out a  Volunteer Interest form  and Volunteer Application with Code of Conduct or pick one up in the office.

 2. Bring a photocopy of your California Driver’s License

3. Bring a copy of your current TB Test. You will be notified once you are cleared to volunteer.

Note: You must fill out a new volunteer form every year.

Standley Soars with volunteers like you!